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Music Box

Book Nook

The finished look of Luuwik book nook are definitely perfect home decorations.

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3D Puzzle

New Arrival

Fantastic Spaceship 3D Wooden Puzzle

This 3D puzzle model is inspired by the long forecastle ship shape, and the hull has 4 decks. Not only can it be used as a decoration on the table, but also can be turned into a wall-hanging decoration when finished.

Best Seller

I absolutely loved doing this house. My 12 year old daughter and I put it together. It turned out to be very easy to follow the directions and assemble tho.I was able to figure it out easy enough. I will definitely be buying more.
Mark J Blosser
This was a super fun little project that took me a couple of afternoons to complete. The company simplified the process and removed all of the drudgery I've had making the others. All the stickers and papers come precut or perforated!
M. S.
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