Shipping Policy

Please consider twice before you place the order. If you want to cancel an order please do within 24 business hours BEFORE it is sent out. After it’s shipped, we cannot accept the requirement of a refund, especially when lacking shipping resources. 

1. Shipping Information

Listed below are currently available countries and available shipping methods and times.

1.1 For these countries

Available countries include: United States, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, Spain

Standard Shipping ( Shipping Time:3-8 Business Days )

Order ValueCost
>=65Free Shipping

Express Shipping ( Shipping Time:2-3 Business Days )

Order ValueCost

1.2 For these countries

Available countries include: South Africa, Peru, Colombia, Cyprus

Standard Shipping ( Shipping Time:3-8 Business Days )

Order ValueCost
>=65Free Shipping

1.3 For the Rest Of The World

Order ValueCost
>=65Free Shipping

Available countries include:

  • North America: Canada, Mexico, Guatemala
  • Europe: Netherlands, Belgium, Norway, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Denmark, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Moldova, Iceland, Latvia, Malta, Austria, Greece, Hungary, Slovenia, Montenegro, Romania, Albania, Estonia, Andorra, Monaco, Czech Republic, North Macedonia, Croatia, Greenland, Vatican City, San Marino, Åland Islands, Liechtenstein, Finland, Ireland, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Poland, Portugal, Sweden, Switzerland
  • Oceania: Australia, New Zealand, Nauru, Kiribati, Samoa, Cook Islands, Fiji
  • South America:  Brazil, Uruguay, Chile, Paraguay, Argentina, Guyana, French Guiana
  • Asia: Singapore, Philippines, Malaysia, Brunei, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, India, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, China, Georgia, Uzbekistan, Jordan, Armenia, Pakistan, Lebanon, Qatar, Indonesia, Kuwait, Macao SAR, Tajikistan, Hong Kong SAR, Israel, Japan, Turkey, Vietnam
  • Africa: Egypt, Algeria, Mayotte

2. Notice

  • Express Shipping is only available in some countries. Please refer to 1.1.
  • The Processing Time will be 1 – 2 business days after we receive your orders.
  • Estimated Arrival Time = Processing Time + Shipping Time
  • During peak seasons (like Mother’s Day & Christmas) shipping can take an additional 3-4 Business days.
  • Due to customs policy, glue, battery, wax, or pigment may not be included in the package.

3. Orders Tracking

Once you’ve placed an order, you will receive an Order Acknowledgement email to confirm your order details. Once your item ships, you will receive a Shipment Confirmation email including your order number, the carrier’s information, the date and time the order was placed, the status of the order, and package tracking numbers for items that have shipped. For the exact location of your shipment, please click Track Your Order to enter your logistics number for inquiry.

When your order is shipped, there may be a delay that prevents you from viewing the logistics information immediately. Please understand.

If your order is signed for and you don’t get it, please look around your door or yard, or ask your family and neighbors. If still not found, please contact us, we will do our best to help you.

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